At Base Vans we have a thirst for adventure and a passion for living life. It is too easy to get weighed down by your work life and family life commitments. The segregation of work life, family life and adventure can prohibit one or more aspects of your life. At Base Vans we want you to combine all of the aspects of your life and work them in harmony.

Our mission is to produce vans to facilitate a balanced life, an easier life, an adventurous life and give you the flexibility and capability to enjoy yourself anywhere.

Everybody is different and the needs, wants and requirements of each individual vary massively. Here as Base Vans we don’t offer a standard van, we offer a Base Van and a designer to work with you to produce something unique to suit your requirements and your life. Let us combine our passion with your ideas and produce a life changing van to meet all of your needs and exceed all of your expectations. Enjoy the journey.

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